Aerospace Competition Day!


Students from Taylor County HS at 2015 NWDC.

On May 14th, students from Air+Space Academies will descend upon Somerset, KY to participate in three aerospace competitions sponsored by the National Air and Space Education Institute (NASEI). Kellie Baker, manager of the Lake Cumberland Regional Airport is excited to host Air+Space Academy competitions for the 4th straight year. At this event, students will participate in three events:  NASEI Wing Design Competition (aerospace engineering),  NASEI Flight Competition (flight/aeronautics), and Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations Challenge (flight/aeronautics). Students have been busy designing wings, practicing flight sim profiles, and operating quad copters through obstacle course.

For more information, please contact NASEI at 502-452-9010.

2015 Legacy of Flight

legacy_smallThe Legacy of Flight will be held on Oct 22nd at Hangar 7. This is our annual awards and fund raising event for the National Air and Space Education Institute. Dorian Walker, who restored a 1917 Curtis Jenny with help from students in our Monroe Co HS Air+Space Academy, will be speaking about this project. The Jenny will also be here! There will also be a nice dinner and some entertainment as well as some exciting silent auction items. You do not want to miss this event! . Get your Legacy of Flight tickets here!

Air+Space Academy Flight Camp is Coming to a Close

solo2Students from Air+Space Academy schools have been flying all week. They have been introduced pre-solo skills and concepts and have been applying them in the aircraft all week. Air+Space Academy Flight Camp participants include 9 students, 3 instructors, 3 aircraft, 1 A&P mechanic, and 1 director. One student has soloed and the rest are right there…and we may have more depending on the weather today. Many thanks to Roger Quinn, Countrywide Flying Club, Louisville Aviation, and individual sponsors for helping us with camp.

Here is a link to the Facebook photo album (you can also “like” our site):

If you would like to contribute to Air+Space Academy Flight Camp, click our contribute page to make a donation.

Energizing An Aerospace Nation

Col. Anthony Sweeney from the Air Force presented our work to a STEM panel this week. In “Energizing an Aerospace Nation”, Sweeney features Air+Space Academy and the need for programs like ours to be promoted and implemented so that our nation can improve student learning in STEM while building the aerospace workforce! Take a look at the video. It is very well done.