Corporate Sponsorships


“The Alexion Charitable Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that serve patients, caregivers and families affected by rare diseases. Angel Flight NE is uniquely positioned to provide free travel and accommodations for patients to reach specialized medical care across the U.S. and now internationally. The Alexion Charitable Foundation is pleased to support Angel Flight NE in their mission delivering critical assistance to families during times of need.”
– Tamar Thompson, Chairperson of the Alexion Charitable Foundation

Partner with Angel Flight NE to Transform Lives.

By sponsoring us, you can make an enormous impact on both our patients’ lives and their families.  Your support and partnership ensures our ability to provide medical flights free of charge to patients of all ages throughout the United States and internationally. Your support not only transforms our patients’ lives but also will positively impact the resources in your organization and support your values and accomplishments.

For many of our patients, they are running out of money, time and hope. They turn to us during one of the most difficult times of their lives. We feel so humbled and blessed through the simple act of flying someone transform their lives.

Financial Donations

We can work closely with you and your team to build a partnership that is tailored to your organization’s values and goals.  Whether it is workplace giving, grants, financial donations or sponsorship of our events, we will work hand and hand with you to maximize your investment and belief in our mission.  All gifts are tax deductible. If you have questions on how your business can partner with Angel Flight NE to provide medical flight free to patients, please call us at (978) 794-6868 or email us at

Adopt an Angel Flight Program

Financially supporting 1 to 50 flights is both a fun and rewarding way to help Angel Flight NE provide free flights of healing and hope to people who no longer can afford access to specialized medical care. To support this vital program, check out our Adopt an Angel Flight Program.

Donate Time

Whether it’s helping as one of our ground crew members driving patients to and from the airports and medical facilities, helping us with outreach, volunteering at events or other ways, your gift of time and talent makes a difference in the lives of the patients we serve each day.  To learn more about joining our ground crew, email us at


Corporate sponsorships and donations are the foundation to our programs and ability to provide free air and ground transportation to patients in need. Without the help of our corporate sponsors and partners, we would not be able to provide thousands of flights annually.  To become a corporate sponsor and partner, call us at (978) 794-6868 or email us at

Your support offers hope to patients in need. Call us at 1-800-549-9980.

Generous Corporate Sponsors

Our sponsors include corporations, airlines, financial institutions, communication, manufacturers,
churches, community organizations and many more.

We Couldn’t Arrange Flights For Patients Without Your Continued Support.